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General Questions
What type of sensors do you use?

We are using resistive sensors, specifically designed to meet the requirements of each setup and use case. These sensors are known for their versatility and reliability in various applications. The design of our resistive sensors takes into account factors such as environmental conditions, target measurement range, and desired accuracy. This allows us to provide precise and consistent results.

Pressure vs Force. What's the difference?
A force, which presents a vector quantity, is the push or pulls on another object, while pressure, which presents a scalar quantity, is the force acting upon a certain area, perpendicular to its surface. Sounds complicated, doesn't it? So, here you can read more about it!
Do you provide SDK (software development kit) for interested parties?

Absolutely, we do! If you have a specific use case in mind for our technology, we're always here to help. You'll not only have complete access to the sensor but it also can be customized to meet your requirements. So, feel free to contact us!

What do you measure?

We measure pressure which is applied by our body during different golf and baseball movements. Grip and feet pressure are important variables for player's assessment and development.

Why to measure the pressure? What are the use cases?
Our technology provides valuable data that can be utilized for a wide range of applications, including qualitative physical education, athlete development, medical research, various scientific studies, as well as veterinary medicine and farming. You can learn more about these applications by reading this article.
Where is it produced?

All our sensors are designed, developed, made and assembled in New Jersey. Without a doubt, making sensors is an extremely exciting process!

How does it work and how accurate your measurements are?

Pressure measurement maybe isn’t a rocket science, but things are getting tricky when you need to measure it with precision. That's why we take great care to calibrate all of our sensors. Depending on the usage conditions, our sensors provide accuracy within a range of +-7%.

Other questions and How-To
Computer requirements

Intel Core i3, 8Gb RAM, 4Gb video memory, OS: Win 8 and higher. We are actively working on supporting iOS devices. Subscribe to our newsletters to be the first to know about new software releases.

What cameras does your software support?

We support most of regular webcams. Also, we are working on compatibility with hi-speed cameras. Subscribe to our newsletters to be the first to know about new software releases.

The warranty on balance plate, hitting plate, SensorMound is two years. And the warranty on Dynamix Duo, SensorGrip Golf and SensorGrip Baseball is one year. Here is the link to check all the details about the warranty coverage.
ESA - stands for Extended Service Agreement. We are firmly confident in the quality and reliability of our devices. That is why we offer to prolong the warranty period for a nominal annual fee. Here is the link to check all the details about the warranty coverage. Contact us if you want to purchase ESA coverage.
Upgrade program

Regardless of the sensor condition we offer to upgrade it to a newer one. All you need to do is to contact us, make an order and send your old sensor back to us. An Upgrade Fee - $2600 plus actual shipping.

Shipping and delivery options

We use UPS as a standard carrier for shipping. Contact us if you have special requests regarding the delivery and we will do our best to accommodate.


Follow these key rules of storage and exploitation, so that SensorEdge devices remain accurate and perfect for your work:

  1. Avoid high level of humidity and long exposure to direct sunlight.
  2. Store the device horizontally.
  3. While using, settle your equipment on a flat surface to achieve best results.
  4. Update your device through SensorEdge Utility at least once in a month or two.

More detailed instructions - here (link for an article in the blog)

Wire vs Wireless

We prefer wired devices. It’s solid in the view of supplying a power, also it’s important for data transfer rate and reliability. It is especially noticeable in matters of clubs and bats. Because for golf clubs and baseball bats weight balancing plays significant role in the results. But we respect and understand client requests, so we are actively working on wireless solution for all the sensors, and first of all for Dynamix Duo and SensorGrip.

Setting up your device
To start using the device you have to register it with SensorEdge Utility. Here you will find all the instructions and links to download necessary files and drivers. Also, subscribe to our regular updates and don’t forget to connect to SensorEdge Utility once a month so that the device will properly serve you for a long time.
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