Sensor Mound
Take control over the pitch with an access to the unnoticeable details. The SensorMound provides the center of pressure, weight distribution, transfer speed, stride length, and foot orientation of the player. Develop an individual training approach and find your perfect pitch.
Dynamic pressure mapping
Automatic session recording
Velocity vectors both foot
Stability Index Coming Soon
Focus your training on what matters with
Real-time data
Review every millisecond of the pitch with an accurate foot pressure mapping. More than 2 000 sensors will objectively show how a pitcher interacts with the ground and where he might lose the energy.
Accurate metrics
Analyze your results with a detailed report after each session. We show key metrics of stride and landing along with a directional vector for each foot to deepen your insight of the game.
Integrate the mound into the training process by plugging in to the computer. No complicated settings — the algorithm automatically recognizes when a throw occurs, and records 3 seconds before and 2 seconds after the pitch.
The intuitive interface of the app displays a graph of the pressure applied by each foot and a high-resolution pressure map. After the recording the program automatically shows the detailed metrics of the pitch.
Mound features
Sensitive Pitcher's Plate and Landing Area
Overall size 5,5 ft х 13 ft
2,000+ Sensors
120hz Reading
Adult size white rubber — 24 inch x 6 inch
USB Powered
Durable build
Software Included
One application
for all objective data
The SensorEdge Sports App provides a clear representation of data that can be replayed and analyzed at any moment. Entrust us with all the measurements and take care of the game improvement!

Complement your training experience with other SensorEdge technologies to get a complex insight on what affects the player’s results.
SensorEdge & The Perfect Mound
SensorEdge and The Perfect Mound partnered to create a unique fiberglass instrumented pitching mound. Coaches and players now have a great opportunity to reach their goals by using the best solution on the market.
What others say about
Perfect tool
We are using SensorEdge instrumented pitching mound and this is a perfect tool for a large facility like ours. While training large teams it's important to be sure your equipment is reliable. The data we getting from the mound is helping us with assessments. We like the product and parents like it too!
Duke Baxter
Owner Zonned Sports Academy

Top product
The SensorMound is a top notch product that helps us quantify lower half movement quality to determine a pitchers foot pressures, stride angles, landing angles, and speeds in their mechanics. This helps us to communicate feedback to pitchers instantly which is essential in the players development process.
Tom Drown
Founder and Director of Player Development at Total ArmCare
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